Arkansans for Transparency Issues Statement in Response to Today’s Special Masters Report in Miller v. Secretary of State

“Important step in our attempt to thwart the manipulation of our system of democracy by out-of-state interests”

LITTLE ROCK – The Special Master in Miller v. Arkansas Secretary of State released his report this afternoon finding that the language in the certification of both the Redistricting and Ranked-Choice amendments “does not certify that the canvasser has ‘passed’ a background check and does not comply with Arkansas law.”

While these findings are still subject to Supreme Court review, today’s report is an important development in Arkansans for Transparency’s fight against out-of-state billionaires’ attempt to hijack our system of democracy.

Jonelle Fulmer, Co-Chair of Arkansans for Transparency, issued the following statement:

“We are pleased with today’s findings and agree with the Special Master who determined that the language used to certify that canvassers had ‘passed’ a criminal background check did not—as a matter of fact—meet the statutory requirement to say ‘passed’. Simply put, neither one of these petitions were properly filed, based on the facts of the case.

“While the Supreme Court will have the final say, we believe this was yet another important step in our attempt to thwart the manipulation of our system of democracy by out-of-state interests. Arkansans deserve complete transparency at the ballot box, and we are committed to using every available resource under the law to challenge these unwanted ‘experiments’ on the Arkansas electorate.”

About Arkansans for Transparency:

Arkansans for Transparency is a Ballot Question Committee formed as a response to two proposed amendments to the Arkansas Constitution, which are meant to grossly manipulate Arkansas’s election process and the laws that have governed redistricting in our state for decades. The goal of Arkansans for Transparency is to protect our democratic process by educating voters on the deceitful practices by the amendments’ proponents.